Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameKatherine Reynolds
Birth DateOct 1609255
Birth Place,,,Wales
Death Dateaft 19 Jun 1678 Age: 68
Death PlaceDover, Strafford, NH
Birth Date16 Feb 1604
Birth PlaceLeicester, Derbyshire, Eng
Death Date4 Feb 1690/1691 Age: 85
Death PlaceNantucket, Nantucket, MA
Marr Dateabt 1629
Marr Place,Derbyshire, Eng
ChildrenSarah (~1630-1719)
 Esther (>1640-)
 Abigail (~1634-)
 Dorcas (~1638->1675)
 Leach (~1630-)
 Jethro (1651-1663)
 Nathaniel (1635-1719)
Education notes for Edward (Spouse 1)

From: STARBUCKS ALL by James Carlton Starbuck
(All information about the Starbucks, birth, death, marriage dates are from this book in whole or part
       Edward was the first Starbuck to settle in what is now the U.S. He came from Leicestershire, England in 1635 (fifteen
years after the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock). He, his wife, and possibly one or two of his children (birthdates
undetermined) settled in the area now known as Dover, New Hampshire. There is apparently no information available on the
family's first four years there, but from 1640 on, Edward's name appears in several official documents. the first is a petition by
25 New Hampshire residents to the governor of MA begging him not to take over control of their colony, but MA did so
anyway in 1641 and kept jurisdiction until 1680. In 1641, Edward sued Hansard Knollys for slander but the details and
outcome have been lost or never recorded. Twice he was elected deputy (representative) to the MA General Court
(legislature)--1643 and 1646 (he was fined for being absent for 3 weeks during the first session). Edward and 2 others were
appointed "wearesmen" or official river fishermen for Dover for life and were required to supply the town and its church from
their catches. In 1647 he was given permission to erect a sawmill and went into the lumber business with Richard Waldron. For
the "great misdemeanor of professing Anabaptism" Edward was heavily fined. There was no separation of church and state
then, and the Puritans who ran the colony were intolerant of people like the Anabaptists who refused to baptize children and
insisted on the baptism of adults instead. In 1653, Edward sold half his timber and water rights to his son-in-law, Peter Coffin.
Edward served on a six-man committee to settle a boundary dispute between Dover and Kittery (now part of ME) in 1654. He
was evidently quite argumentative about his religious beliefs for the Congregational minister swore out a peace bond against him
in 1658. Edward's last official duty in Dover was serving on a coroner's jury that investigated the accidental death of a man on
Nov. 11, 1659. Soon after that, Edward at the age of 55 went on an exploring trip and met Thomas Macy, James Coffin, and
Isaac Coleman. Together they set off in an open boat for Nantucket (Indian for "far-away-land"), an island which lies 18 miles
south of Cape Cod, Ma and takes several hours to reach by motor-powered ferry today. Their remarkable journey has been
immortalized by John Greenleaf Whittier in his narrative poem, "The Exiles," (which mentions Macy but not Starbuck). They
spent the winter there, and in the spring Edward went back to Dover to fetch his and ten other families. His two married
daughters, Abigail (Starbuck) Coffin and Sarah (Starbuck) Austin remained in N.H. at least for the time being. Thus began the
two-and-a-half centuries-long residence of Starbucks on the island that became after Edward's demise a leading whaling base
until kerosene lamps replaced whale-oil lamps in the 1850's. Edward built a house at the head of Hummock Pond. A deed of
land to him from the Indians is the oldest original Nantucket document in existence. In 1669, he and Peter Coffin were
appointed by the town meeting "to manage the government among the Indians". Four years later Edward was chosen one of the
town's five selectmen (overseers). He died April 12, 1690 (as recorded in Vol. V of Vital Records of Nantucket Massachusetts
to the Year 1850.)
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