Walkershire - Family Card
Walkershire - Family Card
Samuel Wilson(1769 - 4 Apr 1855)William Bowers Sr.(4 Mar 1788 - 15 Aug 1868)
Sally Reed(1776 - 4 Nov 1844)Elizabeth “Betsy” Holden(18 Nov 1789 - 4 Mar 1880)
m. 24 Jun 1843, Littleton, Middlesex, MA
Birth: 1 Jun 1817, Antrim, Hillsboro, NH
Death: 3 Dec 1872, Somerville, Middlesex, MA
Census: 1850, Charlestown, Middlesex, MA
Residence: 1840
Birth: 6 Apr 1817, Charlestown, Middlesex, MA
Death: 1 Apr 1873, Somerville, Middlesex, MA
Census: 1860, Cambridge, Ward 2 , Middlesex, MA
Residence: 1850, Charlestown, Middlesex, MA
Samuel C Wilson(abt 1851 - 16 Jun 1857) [Died as Child]
Albert Lyman Wilson(aft 1843 - bef 1860) [Died as Child]
Almira Jane Wilson(11 Apr 1846 - aft 1880)
> George Bailey Loring Wilson(22 Apr 1847 - Nov 1923)
Elmira Wilson(abt 1845 - abt 3 Jun 1851) [Died as Child]
Hattie Amanda Perham Wilson(17 Aug 1860 - 13 Nov 1932)
Wellington H Wilson(abt Jan 1857 - 28 Dec 1858)
Charlotte Wilson(14 Jan 1850 - May 1851) [Died as Infant]
December 21, 2020
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December 21, 2020

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