Walkershire - Person Sheet
Walkershire - Person Sheet
NameJoseph Austin
Birth Date1616
Birth PlaceEng
Emig Date1633
Emig Placeemigrated from Eng to Hampton, NH - 1641
Death Datebef 1 Jul 1663
Death PlaceCocheco, NH
Birth Dateabt 1630
Birth Place,County Derbyshire,Eng
Death Date6 Jun 1719
Death PlaceDover, NH or Nantucket
FatherEdward Starbuck (1604-1690)
MotherKatherine Reynolds (1609->1678)
Marr Date1 Oct 1649
ChildrenNathaniel (~1650-)
 Deborah (~1651-1718)
 Benjamin (~1652-)
 Mary (~1655-1721)
 Thomas (~1656->1698)
Notes for Joseph Austin
!RESIDENCE: RECORDS OF DOVER MONTHLY MEETING, p 177-179: Dover, NH Tax Rate - Oct. 19, 1848: "Dover was settled in 1623. It's citizens...early adopted a form of town and provincial government of their own. Dover was annexed to Massachusetts, by vote of its citizens, Oct. 9, 1641. The early town and provincial books were destroyed soon after the annexation to MA. Dover's oldest town book now in existence was begun Dec. 27, 1647; it has the following town rate which is the earliest tax rate of Dover now on record." Amongst the many on this list were: # s. d. # s. d. WILLIAM STORY - Rated 0078: 04: 00 and to pay 4d p# is 0001: 02: 01 JOSEPH AUSTIN - " 0091: 10: 00 " " 0001: 11: 02 EDWARD STARBUCK - " 0045: 10: 00 " " 0000: 15: 04 FRANCIS LITTLEFIELD - " 0060: 15: 00 " " 0001: 00: 03
!BIRTH-MARRIAGE-CHILDREN-DEATH: Letter and records from Donna Macy Sand WA 1994. "This is my opinion: That contemporary records prove that Sarah Starbuck m1st Joseph Austin and m2nd Humphrey Varney. Joseph Austin may have been married before, but so far as I know there are no contemporary records that say so. He surely did not mention any children from a marriage before the one to Sarah Starbuck. If any records are found in England for him (and for the other Austin men who look like they could be related) then we may know for sure." "Sarah Starbuck is said to have married Joseph Austin by Oct. 1649 (and I wonder what event in oct. 1649 flagged that date!) She would have been 19 or 20 in 1649."
!DISCUSSION: Thoughts of B. Bigolin - one possible explanation for the assumption that Joseph was married before marriage to Sarah Starbuck - some secondary sources have given ca. 1659 as marriage date of Joseph and Sarah, and as Joseph had children born before this date, the assumption that Joseph was married prior to Sarah Starbuck. Further it seem likely to me that the m. date of 1659 probably came from the assumption that "Widow Storey" m. Joseph Austin after the death of her husband William Storey. When one checks the birth dates of the Storey children and the Austin children, it would seem impossible for Sarah Starbuck to have been the wife of both Joesph Austin and William Storey. (See time line listed under Sarah Starbuck notes).
!BIRTH-MARRIAGE-SPOUSE-CHILDREN-DEATH: Davis, GENEALOGICAL DICTIONARY OF ME & NH; "Joseph Austin b. ca 1616, Matthew Austin b. ca 1620 and Samuel Austin, but a little younger than Benj. Bosworth b. ca 1615, all had to do with Dover. Matthew named a dau. Isabel. Samuel was an early friend and [Church?] brother of Capt. Benj. Bosworth, from the region of Dedham, whence Francis Austin came to Hampton. The relations of these men to each other, to the Austins of Charlestown and to Annis (Austin) Littlefield, have not been examined. Joseph was a wit. in Eliot in 1648. By Oct. 1649 he had m. Sarah Starbuck of Dover, dau. of Edward and Catherine (Reynolds) Starbuck. Const. 1656-7; grand jury 1651, x,x, 1660. Lists 354 abc, 355a, 356abcefg, 341. Will 25-29 jan. 1662-3. Sarah Austin was taxed in 1663. (List 356h). She m. 2d, 2 Mar. 1664-5, Humphrey Varney. Ch. Thomas, Benjamin, Nantucket. His Est. was divided in 1681 among four bros. and sist. Nathaniel, Nantucket. Deborah, m. 1668 John Coffin, 1647, 1647-1711; d. on Nanatucket 4 Feb. 1718. 9 ch. Mary, m. 17 May 1674 Capt. Richard Gardner of Nantucket, 1653-1728, Judge of Probate; d. 1 June 1721. 10 ch."
!RESIDENCES-SPOUSE-SON-DEATH: NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL AND GENEALAOGICAL REGISTER, Vol I., p 450 & Vol. 5, p 450: "Joseph Austin is said to have come to Dover about 1647 from Hampton, NH, where there was a Joseph Austin in 1642. He was taxed in Dover in 1646. In 1649, he purchased of Richard Waldron one-fourth part of the "old mill" at Cocheco, Lower Falls for "accomodation" of which he received the wood of three acres. In 1658, he exchanged with Elder William Wentworth "Emery's Farm" for other land. Joseph lived in Cocheco. He married (probably second wife) Sarah, daughter of Elder Edward Starbuck, and widow of William Story. His will dated 6 June, 1662; proved 1 July, 1663. He gave his wife some portion, the remainder, he divided equally among his children, save that the son Thomas was to have a double share."
!BIRTH-RESIDENCE-SPOUSE-CHILDREN-DEATH: Pope, PIONEERS OF MAINE AND NEW HAMPSHIRE, p 8: "Joseph, planter, Dover, had case in court in 1647; taxed Oct. 19, 1548. Bought one quarter of a sawmill of Richard Waldron 20 Set. 1649. He deposed 27 June, 1661, ae. about 45 years [P. Files.] His will dated 25 Jan. 1662, was probated July 1, 1663, by widow Sarah; beq. to wife and children; son Thomas to have a double portion; brother Peter Coffin one of the overseers."
!CHILDREN-DEATH-CONFLICT: Records of Ruth McCortney MI (1993); she writes: "It seems that Samuel Austin not Joseph Austin, married the widow of William Story, according to these sources: MAINE PROVINCE AND COURT RECORDS, Maine Historical Society, 1931; p 109 & 110. Also Noyes, GENEALOGICAL DICT. OF MAINE AND NEW HAMPSHIRE, pp 656-7, 665-6 & 703."
!IMMIGRANT-MARRIAGE-SPOUSE-RESIDENCES-DEATH: Letter from Marianne Montgomery WA (1983).
!CONFLICT: Note by B. Bigolin (1994). On page 3 of E.A. Moore's Joseph Austin manuscript, an excerpt from a letter from Charles Reynolds (1947), suggests that Joseph Austin had a sister Annis, who married Edmund Littlefield. In Annis Austin's father's will, he does not mention having a son named Joseph. Needs further research. NEEDS RESEARCH.
!CHILDREN-DEATH: Family Group Sheet on Joseph from Ruth McCortney MI (1993); show birth of all his children as Dover, NH; gives the following sources: 1 - Nantucket Records; Nantucket Registry of Deeds; 2 - Frank A. Gardner, M.D., THOMAS GARDNER PLANTER AND SOME OF HIS DESCENDANTS; Essex Institute, Salem, MA, 1907. 3 - John Osborne Austin, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY ALLIED FAMILIES. 4 - COFFIN FAMILY GENEALOGY 5 - DOVER, NH TOWN RECORDS
!BIRTH-SPOUSE-CHILDREN-DEATH: Records of Carolin Janzen CA (1992); gives the following sources and comments: 1 - E.A. Grant, AUSTIN FAMILY. 2 - Nantucket Vital Records This information came from sources in New England Gen. Soc. "Libby" says he was born in 1616 in England, but does not say where. He was in Hampton, NH in 1642 and in Dover, NH in 1648. He owned and operated a mill with his father-in-law, Edmund Starbuck and William Furber, buying/ his share from Richard Waldron. He was a constable in 1656-57. In 1658 he exchanged the "Emerson Farm" for other land. When he died, his will left a double portion to his son, Thomas, who remained in Dover. His wife and the other children returned to Nantucket to live with Grandfather Starbuck. His wife married Humphrey Varney. There is no connection known at this time (7/20/92) by C. Janzen, of a connection to Richard Austin.
!RESIDENCE-LAND-SPOUSE-CONFLICT: Scales, HISTORY OF DOVER, NH, Vol. 1, 1923, p 372: "Joseph Austin, who owned part of the mill property at Cochecho Falls, in 1649 and later resided at Dover Neck, having come there, probably from Hampton, where a Joseph Austin resided on 1642. He moved up to Cocheco at an early day, though where his house was we have no means of knowing. In addition, he had various grants from the town, one as follows: A grant of 100 acs., laid out "between Quamphegon and Saynt Albans Cove, partly or together by Nechoaneck River, on ye S.E. and on the N.E. by Henery Tibbits hundred acres of land and partly by Thomas Handsons hundred; on S.W. side by a heyway that is to lay between Thomas Caney and him" also a grant of 50 acs. at fresh creek, etc. Joseph Austin married (probably as his 2nd wife) Sarah, daughter of Elder Starbuck and widow of William Storey* (see note below). Her first husband died ca 1658. She married 3rd husband* (see note below) after Austin's death viz Humphrey Varney. Mr. Austin made his will Jun. 6, 1662 and it was proved Jul. 1, 1663. There was a Samuel Austin taxed here in 1649, who Dec. 1, 1650, conveyed all his premises to William Furber. Not a single Austin appears in the list of Baptized, in the last century; the inference being that they were mostly Quakers. The Austin interest in the Sawmills ceased somewhere between 1719 and 1760." NOTE-CONFLICT - by Bonnie Bigolin WY (1994) - I belive the above source is in error about Sarah Starbuck being the wife of William Storey and that Sarah was married three times. See notes for Sarah Starbuck for futher information.
!SPOUSE-CONFLICT: Ancestral File shows Deborah Austin as daughter of Joseph Austin (AFN:8TM-03) and Sarah DOVER (AFN:8XPL-3C). NOTE - B. Bigolin - There has been perpetuated the theory that Joseph Austin was married before his marriage to Sarah Starbuck, however I have seen no records that would indicate that to me. I suspect that the possible wife "Sarah Dover" was just a mistaken reading of secondary sources. Possible explanation - Sarah, Dover w. of Joseph Austin was misunderstood as Sarah Dover w. of Joseph Austin, when it probably meant - Sarah of Dover w. of Joseph Austin. ANY SUPPORTING OR CONFLICTING INFORMATION HERE WOULD BE WELCOME! While at the Family History Library in Salt Lake in 1994, I checked several sources regarding the Dover, NH and NH in general and did not find one family name of DOVER in any of them.
BIRTH-MARRIAGE-SPOUSE-CHILDREN: E. A. Grant, AUSTIN FAMILY. Also notes " His wife has often been erroneously called the "widow Storey", but a study of the dates of birth of her children and his would prove the impossiblity."
E-Mail From: Lee-Anne Smithson Dahms" <sdahms-at-maine.rr.com>
JOSEPH AUSTIN FAMILY [NLD] p. 69 says that Sarah Starbuck had married Joseph Austin by Oct 1649. Does anyone know where this date came from? The published vital records of Nantucket list 5 children of Joseph Austin "of Hampton and Dover" in the book on births.

For one of them, Nathaniel, it also says "["1st wfs. child" written in pencil]" The source of this is "P.R.38". >From a list of abbreviations at the beginning of the records: "P.R.38 -- private record, from the William C. Folger genealogical records in the possession of the Nantucket Historical Association. (This compilation has been used because of the valuable clues it affords, but its statements should be received with caution, as it is not free from errors." I have no other evidence of a first wife for Joseph. So, this entry could be in error and Nathaniel could be a son of Sarah Starbuck. I haven't found any more on him.

For 2 of them (Deborah and Thomas) the Nantucket VRs also says they are children of Sarah Starbuck. For Mary, it just says Sarah.

My hypothesis for the Joseph Austin family is: Joseph Austin m/1 ___________

1. Nathaniel

Joseph Austin m/2 Sarah Starbuck "by Oct 1649"
2. Deborah b. say 1650 m. 1668 John Coffin
3. Benjamin b. say 1652
4. Mary b. say 1654 m. 1674 Richard Gardner
5. Thomas b. say 1656 m. abt. 1677 Ann Otis (The first child of Thomas and Ann was Rose, b. 1678 -- recorded in the Nantucket VRs.)
To Do notes for Joseph Austin
Hello. Below is what I have on my AUSTINs. I'm interested in working all of
these lines backwards. Any help would be great. There's a bit more info on
my web page (address below). Thanks!

AUSTIN, Francis (1594-1641) m. BLAND, Isabel (1610-1699)
AUSTIN, Joseph (1616-1662) m. STARBUCK, Sarah (1630-1660)
AUSTIN, Mary (1655-1721) m. GARDNER, Richard (1653-1728)

AUSTIN, Francis
Born: 1594, England
Died: 1641, Wapping Hall, London, England
Marriage: 2 October 1632, St Virgin Mary, Colchester, Essex, England to
BLAND, Isabel (1610-1699)

AUSTIN, Joseph
Born: 1616, Hampshire, England
Died: 1662, Dover, NH
Marriage: 1647 to STARBUCK, Sarah (1630-1660)

Born: 1655, Dover, NH
Died: 1 April 1721, Nantucket Island, MA
Marriage: 17 May 1674, Nantucket Island MA to GARDNER, Richard (1653-1728)

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