Walkershire - Person Sheet
Walkershire - Person Sheet
NameEbenezer Avery
Birth Dateabt Aug 1746
Chr Date15 Aug 1746697
Chr PlacePreston, Ct
Memo1st Church of Preston
Death Date1 Nov 1828
FatherRev. Parke Avery (1710-1797)
MotherMary Latham (~1710-)
Birth Date16 Sep 1749
Death Date31 Oct 1784
FatherJohn Green (~1720-)
Marr Date17 Aug 1768
ChildrenEbenezer (1771-1844)
 Elisha (1775-1817)
 Elizabeth (~1780-)
 Lydia (1773-1797)
Birth Dateabt 1750
ChildrenJohn Coleman (1792-1850)
Birth Date1774
Death Date1859
Birth Dateabt 1760
Birth PlaceEns, CT
Notes for Ebenezer Avery
"He of the 4 Elizabeths" this is on a note I have written by (name unknown) gggdaughter.

“Ebenezer Avery (1747-1828) was severely wounded at the battle of Groton Heights. It was at his house where many of the dead and wounded were taken, and for many years the bloodstains were visible on the floor. He was born and died in Groton, Conn (not true). “ 1024 (Actually DIED in WNY))

!Spouses:Sullivan, Mrs. William Henry Jr., President General, DAR. "Patriot Index." Washington, DC, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1966.


Subject: Averys & the Battle of Groton Heights
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 11:14:18 -0500

Many New London Averys were involved in the battle of Groton Heights, when
Benedict Arnold's Tory army attacked Fort Griswold, CT in 1781. The Fort was
named after an Avery father-in-law, a one time governor of Connecticut. The
Averys involved in the battle all are descendants of James Avery (1620-1694).
They were:

Parke Avery, Lt (Mar 22 1741-Dec 20 1821), son of Parke the Elder-wounded
Thomas Avery, (abt 1764-1781), son of Lt. Parke-killed
Ebenezer Avery, III (Oct 10 1760-Jun 15 1856)-wounded
Ebenezer Avery, brother of Lt. Parke (abt 1748-1828)-wounded
Ebenezer Avery, Capt (Mar 7 1732-Sep 6 1781)-killed
Elijah Avery, Capt, son of John (1733-Sep 6 1781)-killed
Daniel Avery, Ensign ( -Sep 6 1781)-killed
Jasper Avery, brother to Lt. Parke (1742-1781)-killed
Christopher Avery, son of George & Eunice Avery (Sep 6 1760-Sep 6 1781)-killed on his 21st birthday
Amos Avery, brother to Elijah above (Mar 6 1743- )-wounded
Elisha Avery (1755- )-wounded
David Avery, son of James Avery IV (?-?)-killed
Caleb Avery, son of James & Elizabeth (Allyn) taken prisoner

Primary reference is: Allyn, Charles, "The Battle of Groton Heights: A
Collection of Narratives, Official Reports, Records, Etc. of the Storming of Fort Griswold, the Massacre of it's Garrison, and the Burning of New London by British Troops Under the Command of Brig.-Gen.Benedict Arnold," New London, The Riverside
Press, 1882.

Good hunting, Peter
Here is a description of the battle (and my Averys):

Ebenezer Avery III, was a Revolutionary War soldier, which means he was a
very young soldier. He was born Oct 10, 1760 and would have been only 15 at
the beginning of the war. Ebenezer grew up in Stonington, and probably was
married there, to Abigail Story. Abigail was the daughter of Solomon Story
and Elizabeth Thomas, both of Preston.
Ebenezer was a Private and a money courier for the Continental Army,
carrying specie between Boston and Philadelphia and his name is recorded on the
Pension list for the war. Joining the Army at 15 would not have unusual. The
zeal that Connecticut's residents displayed in civic and religious activities
was reflected by their reaction to the Revolution and the staunchly patriotic
colony provided over 30,000 soldiers for the conflict. It has been estimated
that over half of George Washington's forces in New York in 1776 came from
Connecticut. During the War, New London became the principal rendezvous
harbor for privateers, a polite word for pirates encouraged by the colonists
to make war on the British. As such, the port was an important objective of
Benedict Arnold's Tory forces in 1781. He led a 32 vessel fleet in an attack
on Fort Griswold and wharves and stores in New London and Groton.
It was a home coming of sorts for Benedict Arnold, who grew up in nearby
Norfolk. He was familiar with the local defences including signals used by
the fort: two cannon shots signified an attack and three signified all clear.
The fort's sentries sounded two shots and Arnold fired a third, thus lulling
the town into complacency.
The port was chosen as a target for several reasons, but not for its
strategic importance: Arnold was familiar with the area; the attack was meant as a
diversion to draw attention from the allied army marching south for the Yorktown Campaign;
and New London was close enough to New York City for the attack to be of
psychological and political value.
The September 6, 1781 attack on Fort Griswold was particularly nasty, the
fort's defenders killed over 150 British and surrendered after they were over-run.
The victors shot or bayonetted 80 defenders who had thrown down their arms, and then
proceeded to mutilate the bodies. The fort's commander was killed with his
own sword after he surrendered and gave up the sword to the victors. Reports
of the aftermath are sketchy but one version has it that after the fort
commander was stabbed, one of his officers stabbed the offender, which
precipitated the massacre. Benedict Arnold's biographer was of the opinion
that the commander was bayonetted by overeager British soldiers just as he
surrendered his sword.
Ebenezer Avery's second cousin, Ebenezer Avery (b. 1732) was killed at the
Fort. Cousin Ebenezer's grand-mother was Mary Griswold, daughter of Governor
Griswold, for whom the Fort was named. The old fort is now a state park with
a monument to the "massacre," which contains a list of all the victims killed
in that attack.
At least eight other Averys were killed at the fort, all Connecticut
Lieutenant Parke Avery, Jr. (1741-1821), the grand-son of Ebenezer Avery and
Dorothy Parke, fought along side his seventeen year old son Thomas, who was
killed. Shortly before Thomas fell mortally wounded, his father said "Tom, my
son, do your duty!" Tom replied "Never fear Father, tis a good cause." Parke
Avery was later grievously wounded in the head, losing an eye and exposing
part of his brains. He lay unconscious and apparently dead until the next
morning when the bodies were being removed. As he was being carried away he
awoke and startled his bearers by stating "Keep in step, damn it, keep step
boys! You shake me." He recovered from his wounds.
A Christopher Avery was also killed, the date of the battle being his 21st
birthday. Joshua Wheeler, a decedent of our Wheelers from Lynn, broke his arm the day
before the battle and was sent home on sick leave, and missed the whole
fight. Ensign Ebenezer Avery (abt 1748-1828)) owned a house at the foot of
the hill below the fort and this house was used to care for the wounded from
the battle, including himself. He was so bitter about the battle that he
would not allow his blood-stained floor to be cleaned until after his death,
forty seven years later.

Later that house was moved to the edge of Fort Griswold and dedicated as
part of the memorial to the men who died in that battle.
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