1. My guess is that these are Congdons.


2. The picture below is labeled the Bartlett Pear Picnic. This picture was the key to identifying Clara Austin who the large lady in the middle with light hair. Elizabeth Ritter is in the middle row with the vertical stripped dress. Her husband E. B. Austin has his hand on her shoulder. Picture of Ed Austin Family (Ed, Elizabeth and Dayton) taken same day.

1 Unknown Boy looks to be about 9 years old thus born about 1916.
2 Unknown Girl looks to be about 3 years old thus born about 1920. Alice?
3 Unknown Boy looks to be about 10 years old thus born about 1915.
4 Andrew Walker age 49
5 Elizabeth Ritter (Austin)
6 Clara Elizabeth Austin (Darling/Congdon)
7 May Katherine Austin age 49
7.5 ? Roy Congdon was most likely there that day.
8 Edmond B. Austin age 53
9 Dayton Austin age 14
10 James Archer


3. Taken the same day and farm as Bartlett Pear Picnic picture above. Caption reads 4 cousins.

First on left is either Albert Walker or Chester Wilson. Third is Irving Walker. Who are the others?


4. Who are 3 , 4 and 7.