Family Card - Family Card
Family Card - Family Card
Bienvenu Antoine Joseph Pruvost(4 Nov 1860 - 4 Feb 1925)Unknown Harrison(abt 1840 - )
Eleontine Marie “Mary Ann” Sailliot(25 Apr 1862 - 2 Oct 1939)Mary Lofink(abt 1840 - )
m. 5 Oct 1905, PA
b. 31 Jan 1882, Amettes, Pas de Calais, FR
d. 15 Jun 1967, Brewster, Stark, OH
occ. Farmer and Saw Mill Owner
b. 9 Jul 1883, Finleyville, Washington, PA
d. 8 Mar 1974, Navarre, Stark, OH
occ. Homemaker
Mildred Provost(abt 13 Jun 1910 - )
Myrtle Marie Provost(24 Dec 1916 - )
Stanley James Provost Sr.(27 Jan 1913 - 12 Jul 1998)
November 25, 2018
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