Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameNathaniel Austin Sr.
Birth Date9 Dec 1760227
Birth PlaceBerwick, York, ME
Reside Date1786-1796218 Age: 25
Reside PlaceNine Partner, Dutchess, NY
Reside Datebef 21 Jan 1786218 Age: 25
Reside PlaceDover, Strafford, NH
Reside Date16 Dec 1796218 Age: 36
Reside PlaceFerrisburg Twp, Addison, VT
Census Date1800 Age: 39
Census PlaceFerrisburg, Addison, Vt
Census Date1810 Age: 49
Census PlaceFerrisburg, Addison, VT
Memo0-0-4-0-2 || 0-1-0-0-1-0-0-1 Male (16-25 = 4 ) ( >45=2 ) || Female (10-15=1) (
Death Date23 Oct 1828 Age: 67
Death PlaceFerrisburg, Addison, VT
FatherAndrew Austin Sr. (1733-1814)
MotherMary Hoag (1739-1797)
Birth Date22 Jan 1761143
Birth PlaceOf Berwick, York, ME
Memo Batch number:7450139
Death Date30 Dec 1818 Age: 57
Death PlaceFerrisburgh, Addison, VT
Reside Datebef 21 Jan 1786218 Age: 24
Reside PlaceDover, Strafford, NH
Reside Date1786-1796218 Age: 24
Reside PlaceNine Partner, Dutchess, NY
FatherSilvanus Hussey (1722-)
MotherElizabeth Varney (~1726-)
Marr Date26 Jan 1786
Marr PlaceBerwick, ME or Dover, NH or Nine Partners, NY
ChildrenSylvanus (1786-1858)
 Andrew (1788-1849)
 Nicholas (1792-)
 Nathaniel S. (1795-<1840)
 Elizabeth (Twin) (1799-)
 Harriet (Twin) (1799-<1810)
Notes for Nathaniel Austin Sr.
Was a Overseer of the Ferrisburgh VT MM in 1801-1820. His name appears as Clerk in a memorial given at the New York Yearly Meeting.

Quaker Record: Nine Partners Monthly Meeting, Dutchess County, New York
Nathaniel Austin Spouse: Huldah Hussey m 1786
Children Names: Silvanus; Andrew; Nicholas; Nathaniel
Family's Comments: Nathaniel brought cert 1785, but was ret, Cert fr Dover 1-21-1786 for Nathaniel, Cert fr Dover 1-21-1786 for Huldah Hussey, about to married Nathaniel, Cert to Danby 3-16-1796 for all

Nathaniel Sr. attended the following events:
Quarterly Meeting at ___ ~ 12th mo. 1808 With Joseph Hoag p16
Quarterly Meeting atv Peru 8 May 1819
Quarterly Meeting at ___ 28 Jul 1818 With Chilion OmPau??
1808 Nathaniel Sr. appointed care of burials and audits
Vermont Census -- 1790, p.52
Name of head of family: Austin, Nathl
Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families: 1
Free white males under 16 years: 1 (Should be 2 Sylvanus & Andrew)
Free white females, including heads of families: 2 (Who is 2nd female?)

1800 Vermont Census shows 3 Nathaniels, 2 on tape 52 and 1 on tape 51. The one on tape 51 is a Jr.

FERRISBURGH, a township in Addison co. Vermont, on Lake Champlain. It contains 481 inhabitants. Nataniel Austin Sr. and family should have been include in this count.

AUSTIN Nathaniel 1760 Maine Gen. Column of the " Boston Transcript"., 1906-1941.Dec 6, 1911, 2259
Remarks notes for Nathaniel Austin Sr.
!BIRTH-PARENTS-SIBLINGS-SPOUSE-CHILDREN: Edith Austin Moore, JOSEPH AUSTIN OF NH AND MATTHEW AUSTIN OF ME; p 27, 38 & 39; CONFLICT: on p 27 says he was born Berwick, ME and on p 38 says he was born Ferrisburg, VT - needs checking.
!SPOUSE-MARRIAGE - New Hamphire Genealogical Record Vol. I p 50 "Friends Records, Dover NH MM"

Nathaniel Austin brought removal certificate 1785 from Dover, NH for self and Huldah. Brought certificate Jan. 1780 from Nine Partners to Danby M.M. for both, with children, Mar. 16, 1796.

!PARENTS-SIBLINGS-SPOUSE: Records of South Berwick, ME, LDS-SLC film # 12794 pt 2, p 471. Nathaniel is mentioned in his father's will. See father's notes.
To Do notes for Nathaniel Austin Sr.
!EDITOR: ACP#0114 Bonnie Bigolin 11/96

!PARENTS-SIBLINGS: Records from Ann Tuohy WA (1993).

!BIRTH-PARENTS-SIBLINGS: 1988 LDS IGI Abstracts in Diana Butcher MI 1990.
Census Search notes for Nathaniel Austin Sr.
1810 Census
0-0-4-0-2 || 0-1-0-0-1-0-0
Male (16-25 = 4 )
Sylvanus age 24
Andrew age 22
Nicholas age 18
Nathaniel age 15 Jr.

( >45=2 )
Nathaniel age 50 Sr.
Andrew age 77 Sr.

|| Female (10-15=1)
Elizabeth Twin age 11
Harriet Twin must have died before age 11

(>45 = 1)
Milcah “May” or “Huldah”

1820 Census
Nathaniel Sr; 0-0-0-1-1-1 || 0-0-2-0-0
16-26 = may be Nathaniel Jr.
26-45 = Andrew or Nicholas
>45 = Nathaniel Sr.
16-26 = 2 females 1 is Susanah Palmer and other may be a relative since Brother John died in Feb 1820

Next Name on 1820n census page
Nathaniel Jr. 1-0-0-0-1-0-1-0-1-0-0-0-1-0-0
I think that this is the other Nathaniel Austin (not our line)
History notes for Nathaniel Austin Sr.
During the Revolution, as already indicated, all those who had come to Ferrisburgh felt constrained to depart, though others had the hardihood, if so it may be called, to settle here before the cessation of hostilities, as follows: Ananias ROGERS, Uriah CRITTENDEN and Judge THOMPSON in 1778; Abraham ROGERS and James SAXTON in 1779; Noah PORTER, Joseph BURROUGHS and Timothy DAKINS in 1780, and Joshua BARNES in 1781. Zuriel TUPPER came in 1783, Theophilus MIDDLEBROOK in 1784. By this time settlement had made considerable progress, and new arrivals were so frequent as to attract far less notice than formerly. On the heels of the declaration of peace, and before the opening of the nineteenth century, came Cornelius HURLBUT, Benjamin CARPENTER, Thomas ROBERTSON, Ashbel FULLER, Asa CARPENTER, Obadiah WALKER, Samuel TUPPER, Wing ROGERS, Nathaniel AUSTIN, John HUFF, Ira TUPPER, Absalom Simeon MILLER, George GAGE, Solomon and William KELLOGG, Sylvester JAQUESWAYS, Benjamin FERRIS, Solomon DIMICK, Stephen FISH, Abner and Stephen PERRY, John FRAZIER, William BEARD, William WALKER, J. HINES and Archibald COLLINS. In school district No. 6 were Joseph BURROUGHS, Anthony, Stephen, Benjamin and George FIELD, Theophilus MIDDLEBROOK, Benjamin FERRIS, Asa CARPENTER, Joseph, Benjamin, Joshua and Lewis BARNES, Solomon DIMICK, Elnathan B. BEERS and Jonathan KEELER.  228
Notes for Milcah “May” or “Huldah” (Spouse 1)
Link to Huldah’s parents not proven. Based on same parent's same first names and same father surname and dates plus other Varneys at same place, Ferrisburg VT.

Vital Records of Addison VT and

Nathaniel AUSTIN
Birth: 9 Dec 1760 Ferrisburg Twp, Addison, Vermont
Father: Andrew AUSTIN
Mother: May
Source Information: Film 27463
Remarks notes for Milcah “May” or “Huldah” (Spouse 1)

!SPOUSE-MARRIAGE-PARENTS - New Hamphire Genealogical Record Vol. I p 50 "Friends Records, Dover NH MM"

Not certain if Huldah Milcah Hussey is the mother of all the children or if Huldah and Milcah are two different wives. There is also a dau. of Huldah's on p 39, Harriet b. Sep. 13, 1799 - not sure how she fits in, if at all.
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